Designing a web site for young people, at Museums and the Web

Rough notes on this one. . .

“Designing a web site for young people: the challenges of appealing to a diverse and fickle audience”
Rose Cardiff, Tate Onlinefull paper online here

User-generated content

Potential issues:

  • child protection law for children under age 16 in UK
  • IPR and copyright
  • cost and effort of moderating site if it’s a success
  • server requirements for hosting a lot of new content
  • quality of content and relevance to the young programs at the Tate

Tate’s approach

  • involve young people in the design and content of the site
  • commission young people to produce content
  • showcase content produced at Young Tate events
  • provide opportunities for young people to interact w/artists


  • wide age range (13-25 years old)
  • young people from diverse backgrounds
  • youth based at different locations
  • setting youth expectations
  • expecting too much from youth
  • time req’d to involve young people fully in the process
  • need for a clear, structured process

commissioned students felt restricted by Tate’s reputation

Future plans

  • Not enough to “do” on the site
  • more interactivity and opportunities for young people to contribute – such as taking photos with mobile phones and uploading them to the site
  • Expand the site beyond the in-gallery programme to offer more to online visitors
  • Arist-led online projects that everyone can contribute to – a curated space on the site, an artwork in its own right where the artists and young people work together using mobile phone images
  • More opportunities to interact directly with artists through web 2.0 technologies such as blogs

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